We offer you a photo session, arranged especially for you, tailored to your type of beauty and style. All styling details will be set a few days before the session, we advise on how to prepare for it and what clothes will be useful.

► Registration for the sessions started already! –  Send us you application along with the preferences of contracts.

► Pregnancy sessions is best done between 6th and 8th month of pregnancy. If you decide to book a session, you should do it as soon as possible to be sure you have booked the term.

► We will advise on the make-up, or will do your make-up / hair for you.

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► you can decide the shape of your session. Pictures can be taken of you alone or  with a partner / child / with a friend. Preferably in different combinations to make it interesting and varied.

► If you want to set up a session as a gift – we will prepare a gift card for you.

► If you’re happy with the result, we offer a promotional offer for another session, this time with your new born baby, preferably a couple weeks old toddler (experienced star of the photo shoot;) For regular customers we offer discount programs for every new session.

► We will keep photographing until you get the desired effect :) The standard session lasts approx. 1.5-2 hours, but the exact time of the session depends on many factors. We will not finish the session before we’ll know that we have good stuff :)

All you need to do is to come to the session – the rest remains in our hands! :)…

For more details of the offer please contact us by phone or by email.

We are happy to answer any questions.

Olga & Magda & Ewa

Our Team: