olga2magdaWe are a female photography duo, working together as a Belly Session Studio.

We   specialize in pregnancy photos. Our passion for photographing pregnant women comes from our delight in the phenomenon of an upcoming motherhood.

Maternity Photography as we see it is feminine and sexy, it is a very inspiring challenge for women’s creativity. Each session gives us a new opportunity to arrange the scene of a particular model’s beauty, taste, style, expectations as well as our vision for that person. It is an opportunity to capture a unique moment of life together with the accompanying emotions, that can be best understood by a woman ..

Belly Session Studio is a studio created by women – for women.

We have been working as photographers for 6 years now. Also, we were first in Poland to open a studio specializing in maternity photography. We took part in exhibitions, both individual and collective. We organize artistic photo sessions to order to match the individual style if the session to the needs and preferences of a clients. We specialize in black and white, feminine artistic photographs in the style of „fine art”.

Our „pride and joy” and specialization are outdoor sessions and reports. The places we choose to photograph are directly associated with photographed people: places that are important, symbolic or characteristic for them, they say something about the person / pair / family or just are their favorite spots. Sometimes we suggest locations, based on an interview before the session or go for suggestions of our models.

Belly Session Studio is dedicated to our beloved Mothers …

And why treat yourself or a loved one with maternity photos ?

● Because pregnancy is a phenomenal moment in the life of the family, women, relationship – it’s worth it to remember and immortalize

● Because working with professionals can create effects that cannot be achieved at home

● Painting and doing our magic light, we easily conceal less popular parts of the body, choosing styling that fits your type of beauty

● Because it is original and thoughtful gift (for the wife / girlfriend / friend / daughter, etc. ..)

● Because the future mums are beautiful models: they emanate happiness and intense emotions

● Because it is nice to do something for yourself, capture the moment in this fast changing world

● Because when, 20 years from now, you will look at your maternity photographs, you will have a huge surprise for the current occupant of your belly :)

● Because you have never done that before !!!